In order to operate a website on the Internet, either a server or storage space (web space) with a hosting provider,  or also called a web host , is required. This storage space is made available via one (or more) domains on the Internet and is therefore accessible worldwide.

What is web space?

Any data can be stored on the web space, primarily the data of a website, i.e. HTML and CSS files or scripts such as PHP or Perl. This web space is located on servers, i.e. computers that are accessible all day via the Internet. Visitors to the website can then access it using a domain and thus access the content via their own web browser. Web space is usually rented from hosting providers .

Different types of web hosting

Classic web hosting / shared web hosting
In this type of web hosting, a server is provided for several customers who share the storage space and hardware of a server. This is the most popular form of web hosting and also the cheapest. If a website uses a lot of traffic or hardware resources, this can affect the other websites on the same server.

Dedicated hosting
Each website is operated on its own server, so there are no third-party websites that could influence the performance or accessibility of your own website. This form of web hosting is used particularly for traffic-intensive or highly available websites, but is significantly more expensive compared to classic web hosting.

Choosing the right hosting provider

First of all, you should think about the form of web hosting used, and other factors, not least financial factors, also play a major role.

Storage space
The storage space is limited with most hosting providers, which is why you should check how much storage space is required for your data before making a choice.

Traffic stands for the amount of data transferred from or to the web space. For example, uploading a 5 megabyte file to the server and then downloading it twice uses 15 megabytes of traffic. The traffic is also limited for the majority of the hosting provider, which is why this limitation is also important before choosing the hosting provider or web space package.

Available services and script languages
A large number of today’s websites are no longer purely static (i.e. only made of HTML and CSS), but offer dynamic functions such as blogs, shop systems, guest books or consist entirely of CMS systems. These functions are implemented using scripting languages ​​such as PHP, Perl or Java. If such functions or systems are used, the web space used must also support the script languages ​​used. In addition, many of these systems require databases or other server services that must be included in the web space in order to use them.

Many hosting providers offer inclusive domains in their web space packages. Since a domain is essential for the accessibility of a website, it is advisable to rent such a package. However, there are also independent domain providers who only provide domains without web space, which can be cheaper than booking a web space package including domains.

Another important point is the cost of web space. Regardless of whether the payment is made monthly or annually, there are sometimes considerable differences between individual hosting providers, which is why it is worthwhile to compare them. Since the costs always depend on storage space, traffic, services, script languages, inclusive domains and many other factors, a price recommendation is not possible.


Other factors
Other factors for choosing a hosting provider are the availability of the website on average over the year, which should be at least 99 percent, and the server location, since the longer the server location is from the visitors, the longer the call times. In addition, reviews of other customers can help when choosing the hosting provider in order to avoid bad hosting providers, be it due to poor support or poor availability.

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